How I get through my week without thinking

Are you busy? Me too.  I’ve got so much to do every day, it’s hard to think of everything I need to do during the week.  So I don’t think at all.  Does that sound crazy? It works; do you know why? Because I’ve planned my whole week out before the week begins.  No thinking required – just do it.

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Fantastic Food Options. Figuring out your food for the week can be easier, and healthier than you think.  Prepare in advance and you’ll be surprised at how much smoother your week goes.

  • Healthy, Brilliant Breakfast. The success of my day is directly dependent on the quality of my breakfast.  The healthier and heartier my breakfast, the better I perform.  So I have a few signature dishes that I eat regularly. And to cure breakfast boredom, I rotate my options weekly.  One week it’s oatmeal, another week it’s fruit & yogurt smoothies, then egg & cheese quesadillas, or peanut butter and graham crackers. When I know what I’m eating, I don’t waste time deciding what I want to eat.
  • Lunch I Love. I pack my lunch 90% of the time.  It ensures I eat healthier and saves me from thinking of what to eat when I’m already hungry.  I pack lunch options in single serving containers on the weekends in grab and go options.  My lunch every day includes these items: main dish, 2 cups of veggies, water and 2 fruit/veggie snacks and 1 protein snack. Every day.
  • Dinner Done Right. I plan all of our meals/dinners on weekends after shopping.  I always make a list of meals we can easily prepare with ingredients we have and post it in the kitchen so everyone knows.  And I always make a slow-cooker meal on Mondays – my most stressful day – so I don’t have to think about dinner when I come home at night.


Signature Style. I love clothes – so many options.  But I don’t do well with the options in the morning when I’m stretched for time.  So I always purchase classic basics that can work with anything.  And I pick out my entire week’s worth of work clothes on Sundays.  Then, during the week, I just wear what I’ve picked out. No exceptions. I’ve done this for 5 years and I never have nothing to wear.


Workout Willpower. I’m a morning person and I know this.  So I workout when I’m most likely to make it happen –  in the morning before my brain knows what I’m doing.  I wake up, start my pre-selected music mix and run 6 miles – then take a shower and get ready for work.  Because I know what works for me, I make it work and I don’t have to think about it – I just do it.


Terrific Tasks. I always write my to do items on my work to do list before I leave, when I come in each morning I’ve got a full list to work from (and I don’t have to think about it at home).  Makes me feel like I’m starting the day ahead of the game and I don’t have to decipher what I need to work on, I’ve already got it written down.


My major secret!  I schedule everything.  I put everything in my calendar (tasks, meetings, events, appointments – everything) so I don’t have to think about what I’m doing next – follow work calendar at work and look at my home calendar every weekend and morning.  I always know what I’m supposed to be doing because I follow my calendar.  And my calendar is always right because I put everything on it like my week depends on it – because it does.

You can make your week work for you.  Think about the tips you can incorporate into your life and get started on a more organized, less stressed life today.  


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