Become a Motivation Master

Ever wonder how some people get it all done and with flair? I’m here to tell you that you can do it too.  You just need to learn to motivate yourself (and others) in the most productive ways.


Start working toward a new goal on Monday.  Sure, some people dread Mondays, but you don’t have to.  Think about goals you have and set a plan to start working toward them on Monday.  You give yourself something to look forward to and you’re more likely to accomplish a goal if you start fresh with the new week. When I leave work each Friday, I update my task list and highlight the tasks that I need to start on Monday – when I leave work, I know that I’ve got my plan in place and I’m ready to start on Monday.


Do it during your most productive time. I am a morning person, so I always schedule my most important tasks in the morning.  I’m alert and ready to work.  I tend to schedule meetings in the afternoon because I’ve realized that it keeps me going.  When you schedule your work based on your productivity, you’ll start to realize that you’re becoming more productive.


Write it down in small, actionable steps. I have a few major projects that I’m working on right now and for a while, I didn’t even know where to start so I ignored them.  Not very productive.  But when I wrote down the task and began to break down the pieces into smaller tasks, it started to seem more manageable.  Now I have lists and lists of tasks, but the end result will get me to accomplish the major task.  If you’re overwhelmed with what you have to do, take 15 minutes to write it down and break it down.  You can do the small tasks and they’ll get you where you need to be.


Reward yourself. I love this one. Who doesn’t love a good reward? I set goals regularly and I have a reward for each one.  My daily reward for running is a long, hot shower.  My reward for hours of computer work – I watch TV at the same time.  My reward for organizing my house? Two things: a clean house and I get to share it on my blog.  Your reward matters.  Think about something you want and set up a goal to get you where you want to be.  When you accomplish your goal, you get your reward.

Special Note: Rewards don’t have to cost money or be food-based. It’s fine if they are, but think outside the box for free and fantastic rewards.


Recruit your own motivational speaker. This is where it gets interesting.  You may need feedback and reassurance from friends – great! Find a group that can support you and encourage you.  You also have another great motivational speaker at your fingertips – it’s you.  There are times when I’m running and I’m ready to give up. I think to myself, “You can do this!” and I punch my arms in front of me like a boxer.  It’s my motivational re-set.  Sure, I know I look ridiculous, but it works every time because instead of thinking how hard it is or how tired I am, I start to believe that I can do this.  And guess what? Every time, I sure can do it.

Your motivation is closer than you think.  When you work within your strengths, you reinforce what you do well and you become more productive.  This encourages you to be more motivated and you get it done.  Think about what works for you and start to make this part of what you do every day.

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