Simple Tips to Finesse Your Fitness Prep

I love to organize and I want to make it easier for you to feel, stay and be organized.

Let’s talk about your workout routine – No, I don’t mean your actual workout.  Let’s start with the routine of making sure you’re always ready to work out.  The easier you make it to get yourself prepared for your workout, the more likely you area to ALWAYS make it to your exercise spot.

Simple tips when you’re trying to organize anything:

  • Plan time in your schedule to set up your routine.
  • Find supplies that will work – you don’t always need to purchase new things.
  • Realize it’s going to take a little time to get used to your plan, but it will make your life easier (and healthier!)

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Exactly How I Lost 62 lbs (all the baby weight + 20 lbs!)

I just signed up for a friend’s 40 day fitness/health challenge and she’d asked us to take “before” pictures so I did.  Then I started looking at my actual “before” pictures from 10 months ago and it made me realize how far I’ve come and how much my focus and dedication has really paid off.  Here is where I started: I’d just had my third baby and I didn’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe because I really like the clothes I have, so I knew I needed to do something to lose the weight and keep it off. And it had to be easy, because I’ve tried the hard way in the past, and I knew I couldn’t do that again.

It took me 10 months, but I lost 62 lbs and went down multiple clothes sizes (so my clothes fit again!) – I know that if I was able to lose the weight, you can do it too.  Here is the strategy that I used this to lose all the baby weight and an extra 20 lbs:

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Simple Ways To Be More Organized Right Now

Want to be more organized tomorrow? You can make it happen today. Right now.  Spend a little bit of time tonight – maybe 30 minutes – and you can have a simpler, less stressful day tomorrow.  Here’s what I do each night to keep my days organized:


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90-day Walking Challenge

A friend of mine recently posted on social media that she wanted to get ready for summer and was going to do a 90 day challenge.  I thought it was a great idea, but I wanted to be realistic about what I could do.  I usually run 5 days a week about 4 miles per day (which helped me lose 30 lbs!), but I need the rest days to get back in the swing of things.  So I changed the challenge a bit to a walking challenge – I knew I could get this done.

The goal for this challenge – no matter your level – is to get moving every day.  I try to walk 5 miles per day through my normal routine.  My walking challenge miles are on top of my daily routine miles.  Your goal may just be to get up and get moving, but aim for 10,000 steps per day.  I’d also recommend purchasing a pedometer to track your steps.  A $5 one from a big box store works fine, but if you want something fancier, I use a fitbit.

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The 1-minute workout! Helps you lose inches and will change your life

Between meetings, projects and events at my new job – I am busy! Recently, I came up with a genius (also crazy – but aren’t most good ideas a little crazy) to add a short workout into my daily routine.  It has been amazing!  I’m squeezing 16-20 minutes of core workouts into my day and I’ve seen great results! My clothes fit better, I can feel my core muscles coming back and I found a workout I always have time to do.

1 minute workout at work

Set your computer to announce a certain amount of time.  I have mine announce every hour on the hour. When it announces the time, stop what you are doing and get up to do a one-minute workout.  Here is what I’d recommend:

  • 1-minute plank (what I’ve been doing lately)
  • 1-minute side-plank
  • 1-minute of squats
  • 1-minute kick-back leg lifts (what I do in the mornings when I’m too sore to move!)

Yes, you’ll probably have to tell your office-mates what you are doing and yes, they will probably laugh at you. It’s worth it.  This one-minute workout seems so easy that I don’t mind stopping during the day for a quick break to make it happen. And I love that the computer voice announcement helps me remember easily.  Here is how to do set up the voice announcement on your computer: Mac and PC

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How To Start Running

I wasn’t always a runner.  In fact, I didn’t start running until my 30’s after I’d had two kids.  I remember the first days of my running, I could barely make it around the block without wheezing.  But I was determined and I needed to lose weight (and I lost 30 lbs!).  I found a routine that worked for me and I’ve been using my strategy ever since.  To date, I’ve run thousands of miles and now regularly run about 5 miles per day and usually 4-5 times per week.

Running is one of the best ways to lose weight, improve/maintain your health and a natural stress reliever. Make your goal (eventually) to get 3 miles or 30 minutes of running daily, on average.


Wake Up Determined, and Prepared

Wake up on your running days determined that your run is going to happen.  To be successful, you need to do a little bit of prep work: Pack your workout bag in advance, determine a back-up plan if things don’t go your way (I’ll run in anything except the pouring rain or under 20 degrees – then I run inside). If you’re running in the morning, set your alarm.  If you’re running during the day, schedule time – just like you would any other important appointment.

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#fit15 – 360 core workout

It’s 2015 and I’m using this theme to my full advantage this year.  #Fit15 is my new favorite plan to help you, no matter how busy you are, get the workout you need every day.  I’ve tested each of the plans I post – and they’re tough, but doable! You’ll be glad you tried them. You can use the Fit Card anywhere for your workout – or look through the entire post for specifics.


#Fit15 Plan. You can use the Fit Card anywhere for your workout – or look through the entire post for specific details and equipment used for each exercise.  This exercise should take you about 15 minutes to complete.  Use a timer so you can track exercise and rest time. Make your goal to do one 15-minute exercise plan each day – aim for 5 days a week.

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