The 1-minute workout! Helps you lose inches and will change your life

Between meetings, projects and events at my new job – I am busy! Recently, I came up with a genius (also crazy – but aren’t most good ideas a little crazy) to add a short workout into my daily routine.  It has been amazing!  I’m squeezing 16-20 minutes of core workouts into my day and I’ve seen great results! My clothes fit better, I can feel my core muscles coming back and I found a workout I always have time to do.

1 minute workout at work

Set your computer to announce a certain amount of time.  I have mine announce every hour on the hour. When it announces the time, stop what you are doing and get up to do a one-minute workout.  Here is what I’d recommend:

  • 1-minute plank (what I’ve been doing lately)
  • 1-minute side-plank
  • 1-minute of squats
  • 1-minute kick-back leg lifts (what I do in the mornings when I’m too sore to move!)

Yes, you’ll probably have to tell your office-mates what you are doing and yes, they will probably laugh at you. It’s worth it.  This one-minute workout seems so easy that I don’t mind stopping during the day for a quick break to make it happen. And I love that the computer voice announcement helps me remember easily.  Here is how to do set up the voice announcement on your computer: Mac and PC

1 minute workout at home

Every time you go to the restroom and flush the toilet, instead of leaving your restroom, do a one-minute workout. You can time this one for the time of the toilet flushing or watch a timer to get one minute in. The only rule is you’re not allowed to drink less water throughout the day to have less workout time! I’ve actually been doing these at home and at work (I just use the largest bathroom stall and I work in a small office). My favorite workouts:

  • 1-minute plank (I wash my hands triple good after this)
  • 1-minute of squats (easy and it looks normal if someone was peeking at your feet under the stall)

1 minute workout that you can do anywhere you are

I have conditioned myself to think about one-minute workout opportunities no matter where I am because of my work computer announcements and my new at-home workout.  You can do this too.  While I’m at my kids’ soccer practice, I’ve been doing squats, lunges and kick-back leg lifts.  When I use a restaurant or movie theater restroom, I do squats (planks are my favorite, but I am not touching that floor!) and while I’m waiting in line I do calf raises or side steps.

Yes, I know that I look crazy, but I’ve learned to be comfortable with my tiny workouts – because they work, I have time to make them happen and I’m seeing results.  Give yourself 4 weeks of doing these workouts every day and you’ll love this one-minute workout as much as I do.


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