#fit15 – my favorite exercises

It’s 2015 and I’m using this theme to my full advantage this year.  #Fit15 is my new favorite plan to help you, no matter how busy you are, get the workout you need every day.  I’ve tested each of the plans I post – and they’re tough, but doable! You’ll be glad you tried them. You can use the Fit Card anywhere for your workout – or look through the entire post for specifics.


#Fit15 Plan. You can use the Fit Card anywhere for your workout – or look through the entire post for specific details and equipment used for each exercise.  This exercise should take you about 15 minutes to complete.  Use a timer so you can track exercise and rest time. Make your goal to do one 15-minute exercise plan each day – aim for 5 days a week.

IMG_9820 IMG_9819

#Fit15 Equipment: All you need for this workout plan is your weights.

Farmer’s Walk Exercise: I love this exercise. Love it. Find a place that you can walk around a bit – hold your heavy weights with your arms lose at your sides.  Stand up straight and look forward with your shoulders back. Take small steps on your tip toes and walk for the whole exercise. Benefits: This exercise will work legs and help your posture.

Tricep Dips Exercise: You can use a chair for this exercise or just use the floor. Put your body at an angle – a reverse plank will work well.  Put your arms behind you and lift and lower your body using your arms.  Keep your arms close to your body and tilt your arms down to right angles, putting the weight on your upper arms.  You should feel this exercise in your upper arms. Benefits: This exercise will tone your arms and your core.


Squats Exercise: Plant your feet squarely on the ground with toes pointing forward.  Sit into the exercise and get low.  Don’t rush this exercise, it should take you the same time to go up as it does to go down.  Benefits: Squats are a great exercise to tone your butt. Remember to protect your knees by “sitting” into the squat and not letting your knees go past your heels.

Shoulder Press Exercise: Stand up and hold your medium weights at your side.  Lift the weights straight up and twist the weights as you lift them.  They should be parallel when they are down beside you and perpendicular when they are at the top of the exercise.  Remember to lift and lower slowly.  Benefits: This exercise will strengthen your arms, shoulders, back and core.


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