#Fit15 – Great Workout with Limited Equipment

It’s 2015 and I’m using this theme to my full advantage this year.  #Fit15 is my new favorite plan to help you, no matter how busy you are, get the workout you need every day.  I’ve tested each of the plans I post – and they’re tough, but doable! You’ll be glad you tried them. You can use the Fit Card anywhere for your workout – or look through the entire post for specifics.


#Fit15 Plan. You can use the Fit Card anywhere for your workout – or look through the entire post for specific details and equipment used for each exercise.  This exercise should take you about 15 minutes to complete.  Use a timer so you can track exercise and rest time. Make your goal to do one 15-minute exercise plan each day – aim for 5 days a week.


#Fit15 Equipment: All you need for this workout plan is an exercise mat.


Push-Ups Exercise: I like this adjusted push up best, scratch that – I LOVE these push-ups. Love Them.  Sit in child’s pose and extend your arms to the end of the mat.  Move into push-up pose and keep your knees anchored on the ground.  Complete a knee-push-up and then move back into child’s pose.  Continue this exercise and make sure your arms, shoulders and hips leave the ground at the same time at the end of the push-up. Benefits: This exercise will work your arms and core during the push-up and stretch your arms, back and core during the child’s pose.


Mountain Climber Exercise: Keep your back straight and run in place while you have your hands on the ground. Keep your shoulders square with your wrists, but don’t lock your elbows.  Benefits: This exercise will tone your legs and your stomach.  Make sure you keep your arms straight (but not locked) and keep your shoulders above your wrists.  As you bring up your legs up to your stomach, hold your muscles in tight.


Plank Exercise: Plant your hands squarely below your shoulders.  Keep your head square with your shoulders (don’t let it hang) and keep your butt out of the air.  You should be a straight line.  Hold this position for the entire exercise.  Benefits: This exercise will tone you all over.  You may have to work up to one minute, it’s OK to take breaks as you build your strength.


Supermans Exercise: Lay on your stomach and keep your core tight.  Lift your arms and legs and move them up and down.  Right leg/Left Arm and then Left leg/Right Arm.  Benefits: Supermans strengthen your back and core.


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