#fit15 – 360 core workout

It’s 2015 and I’m using this theme to my full advantage this year.  #Fit15 is my new favorite plan to help you, no matter how busy you are, get the workout you need every day.  I’ve tested each of the plans I post – and they’re tough, but doable! You’ll be glad you tried them. You can use the Fit Card anywhere for your workout – or look through the entire post for specifics.


#Fit15 Plan. You can use the Fit Card anywhere for your workout – or look through the entire post for specific details and equipment used for each exercise.  This exercise should take you about 15 minutes to complete.  Use a timer so you can track exercise and rest time. Make your goal to do one 15-minute exercise plan each day – aim for 5 days a week.


#Fit15 Equipment: All you need for this workout plan is an exercise mat.

Bicycle Crunch Exercise: Lay on your back and alternate your legs in full extension.  While one leg is out, the other is crunched in.  Your opposite elbow/shoulder will rise to meet the leg that is crunched in.  Alternate bicycle crunches for the full length of the exercise.  Make sure you take your time with this exercise, form is more important than fast. Benefits: This exercise will work your core and keep your heart-rate up.


Left-Side Plank and Right-Side Plank Exercise: I’ve done this exercise multiple ways – and you have options too.  You can do an extended plank on your palm/wrist, you can do an elbow plank and you can use weights, if you like. Lift your core off the ground and keep your feet steady on the floor.  You’ll be on your side and will feel the exercise on the side of your core. Benefits: This exercise will tone you all over.  Make sure to keep your body in a straight line and keep your neck protected by keeping it straight and looking forward.

Back Crunch Exercise: Lay on your stomach and keep your core tight.  Lift your arms and legs at the same time and move them up and down.  Move your body slowly up into the exercise and down as you release.  You’ll feel this exercise in your lower back,   Benefits: Back crunches strengthen your back and core.

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