The 1-minute workout! Helps you lose inches and will change your life

Between meetings, projects and events at my new job – I am busy! Recently, I came up with a genius (also crazy – but aren’t most good ideas a little crazy) to add a short workout into my daily routine.  It has been amazing!  I’m squeezing 16-20 minutes of core workouts into my day and I’ve seen great results! My clothes fit better, I can feel my core muscles coming back and I found a workout I always have time to do.

1 minute workout at work

Set your computer to announce a certain amount of time.  I have mine announce every hour on the hour. When it announces the time, stop what you are doing and get up to do a one-minute workout.  Here is what I’d recommend:

  • 1-minute plank (what I’ve been doing lately)
  • 1-minute side-plank
  • 1-minute of squats
  • 1-minute kick-back leg lifts (what I do in the mornings when I’m too sore to move!)

Yes, you’ll probably have to tell your office-mates what you are doing and yes, they will probably laugh at you. It’s worth it.  This one-minute workout seems so easy that I don’t mind stopping during the day for a quick break to make it happen. And I love that the computer voice announcement helps me remember easily.  Here is how to do set up the voice announcement on your computer: Mac and PC

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