Simple Ways To Be More Organized Right Now

Want to be more organized tomorrow? You can make it happen today. Right now.  Spend a little bit of time tonight – maybe 30 minutes – and you can have a simpler, less stressful day tomorrow.  Here’s what I do each night to keep my days organized:


Plan meals in advance

Do you know when I make bad decisions? When I’m hungry. I don’t make good food decisions or life or professional decisions. I make bad decisions period when I’m hungry. So I make sure that I don’t get into that situation. Lately I’ve been focusing on lean protein and vegetables (sounds so obvious) to fill me up. And I’ve realized that when I eat these two groups first, I don’t have room for sugar and junk.

I encourage you to plan tomorrow’s meals today. Pick out breakfast items and set them on the counter or in the fridge. Pack your lunch right now so you have a few extra minutes in the morning. Either figure out your dinner plan or prep dinner items now. When I know it’s going to be a long/tiring day, I always make a slow cooker meal and dinner is ready with no work in the evening. Figure out what is doable now and do it now.

Make exercise appointments

I’m trying a new plan that requires a daily 30-minute workout. Looking at how to fit it into my evenings seemed impossible, so I decided to start getting up 45 minutes earlier each day. It was a little challenging the first few days, but now, after four weeks, I think I’m looking forward to this time each morning.

When you make plans to make it happen, you’re more likely to exercise regularly. I often sleep in my workout clothes for an at-home, morning workout. I set my alarm and go to bed on time. I found a workout-tracking app (FitBit and 21 day fix are favorites).  I also pack a workout bag and put it by my front door for classes at the gym. And I always schedule my workouts in my calendar – it’s an important appointment too! Try one or all of these to make your workouts more likely tomorrow.

Get your stuff figured out

The night before, I always look through my calendar.  Do I have a lot of meetings across campus? I’m wearing comfortable shoes.  Will I be rushed all day? I pack tiny snacks, if I don’t have time for meals.  Am I going to need supplies for a program? I gather them now and put them by my purse and stuff.

If I have to think about details in the morning when things are busier, I forget important details.  But, if I plan for my day in advance, I’m more likely to have everything I need right when I need it.

You don’t have to organize your entire life today.  Just start with organizing yourself for tomorrow.  And tomorrow night, organize yourself for the next day.  You’ll find that it gets easier and easier each day and soon you’re living a simply organized life.


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