Do One Thing: Limit Food Waste (and save money!)

This month I’m challenging you to do one thing every day. It doesn’t seem like much if you look at it on a daily basis, but a continued focus on doing one thing will lead to amazing results.

The National Resources Defense Council estimates that we waste about $43 per person per month on food.  That’s too much! Make easy changes to limit food waste and save yourself money.


Fill glasses 1/2 full. You can always go back for more. Plus the extra trip will give you extra steps on your pedometer. Win-win-win.


Make smaller batches from recipes.  I’ve noticed something when my husband makes dinner.  He reads the directions and makes normal-sized portions for our meals.  When he makes dinner, we don’t have leftovers and we waste less food.  Think about what you’ll really eat and plan your serving sizes around this.  If you’re like me and make way too much of everything, organize your leftovers into lunch-sized portions so you don’t waste the extras (and you’ve already planned your meal for tomorrow!)


Plan your meals around your freshest foods.  I love grocery day.  I get to organize the groceries to make it fit perfectly, but more importantly, we also get all the new, fresh foods.  We’ve started planning our meals around the fresh foods and we’ve begun to waste less.  New strawberries are for eating, after a few days they can be an ice cream topping and I freeze them when they get mushy for smoothies.  No waste and we’ve given ourselves multiple options.  If you’re like us, it’s better to make a list of what to eat, so you don’t have to do thinking when you’re tired after work.

Wouldn’t you love to have an extra $43 per month per person? Yep, me too.  Start to make small changes like this and you’ll notice that over time you’ve saved money and are wasting less food.

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