The Lazy Way To Eat Healthier

You can eat healthier and be healthier and it’s easier than you think.  Make a few simple changes to your regular routine and you’ve got healthier meal options with little effort. #YouDeserveThis


Pack your Perfect 10. Spend 10 minutes right now and make a list of your 10 favorite portable meal options.  Use this list to craft your lunches every day.  Even packing a PBJ is better than a pre-packaged/frozen lunch, even a healthy one.  The lazy solution: make extra portions of dinner and plan to eat these the next few days for lunch or freeze a few of these to save for later.


Weekend Warrior Winner. I spend my Saturday mornings prepping and organizing food for the week.  I make a meal list, pack food in lunch-sized portions and make all of the special baked items that we need for the week.  By prepping on the weekends, when I have time, I don’t have to think about anything else all week – I just follow the list.  The lazy solution: Pack all lunch options in single-serving containers and freeze.  When you’re ready to take it with you, you don’t have to think about getting it ready. You’ve already done it for yourself.

types of apple

Packing a Snack Saves Lives. You think I’m kidding.  I can’t make decisions when I’m hungry and being nice seems like too much work.  Save yourself. Next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a few healthy snack options to keep at work with you.  Then when you hit that 3pm slump, you’ve got good, healthy options to keep you going.  The lazy solution: consider items that are portable and last like pistachios, peanut butter, apples or yogurt and string cheese (I keep them in the fridge at work).


Give Fruit a New Life. This is my genius solution for mushy (aka gross) fruit. Cut up “Last Days” fruit and freeze to make easy smoothies for quick breakfast.  I love smoothies. Love them.  I’ve realized that if I blend anything with ice, it makes me much more likely to want to eat it.  The lazy solution: I freeze everything in single serving options and for an easy protein boost, I add Greek yogurt to my smoothies.

You can do this.  Get yourself a healthier strategy right now and make the lazy (aka efficient, smart, genius) changes today.

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