#OrganizeYourLife Share Your Skills & Success

You may not think organization is a strength that you have, but you can #OrganizeYourLife by sharing the skills and successes you possess with others.  Remember, your skills are important and using them to help others makes your skills invaluable.


Master Learner Status.  When you share your skills with others, it improves your learning in the area as well.  By teaching others, it forces you to know your topic well enough that you can share it, defend your rationale and encourage others to learn what you’ve discovered.  Do you have an organizing solution that has worked for you? Share it with a friend – it’s not being pompous, it’s being helpful.  We all improve when we learn together and share ourselves with each other.


Confidence Really Reinforced.  Have you been in a situation where you’re teaching others your expertise? And then they applaud when you’re done? What a confidence boost! The more you share your successes with others, the more they have a chance to be responsive and reinforce what you should already know – you’re great and you should be proud of this. Be confident and share your success with someone today.


Important Improvement Opportunities.  Recently, I went to help a friend with a project at her job.  For me, it was a quick project that took a few hours, but for her and her company – it was a great adjustment to their current processes that increased efficiency, streamlined their procedures and cleaned up storage spaces.  And during my time with her, I realized that I felt better about sharing my skills with her group too.  Being open to helping others and teaching my skills made it easy to improve the lives of those around me.  I encourage you to seek opportunities to use your skills to help others.  I promise, it will be a mutually beneficial experience.

Make today the day you step outside of your comfort zone and teach others how to effectively use your skills, it will make everyone more successful.  We’re all in this together.

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