#OrganizeYourLife Being the Beginner

Learning new things is tough.  You’re uncomfortable, you get worn out quickly and you’re frustrated.  But do you remember that glorious moment when things start to make sense and you begin to feel like you’ve grasped the enormity of the concept and you can begin to move forward.

I’m here to tell you – you need to get uncomfortable; it will be better for you than you’ve imagined.


Being the beginner stretches your skills. This summer, I was in a period of transition.  Many of my current responsibilities were ending and I had a choice.  I decided what I needed was a new, fresh experience.  So I signed up for a new volunteer experience that was a familiar concept – social media – but had a different focus and needs.  Working through this volunteer position and balancing my job, my hobbies and my personal life has stretched me to master organization like I’ve never seen before.  And I really enjoy it – I’m getting better at organizing, because I have to use these skills to keep up with my responsibilities.


Being the beginner starts a new experience. Remember the last time you were in a brand new place, brand new situation or had a brand new responsibility? Part of the excitement is discovering all of the details of your new experience and determining how to transform the chaos into a successful system.  If you’re debating something in your life that would put you in an unfamiliar situation – I encourage you to try it.  Make it your goal this week, this month to try something new.  It could be small, like a new recipe, or something big, like a new job.  This new experience will change your perspective and that’s a great start for you.


Being the beginner reminds you what you deserve. Don’t let life pound you down and think you aren’t worth it.  You are totally worth it.  Remember that being uncomfortable doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong.  If it feels right – even if it’s frustrating – it may be just the change you need to shake up your life and drive your skills and talents to improve your life.  You deserve this.


Being the beginner improves your life. What could you do forever? Are you doing it right now? Make a list of the things that are taking your time right now.  Now make a list of the things you’d like to be doing.  Start to eliminate the things on your list that aren’t what you love and could do forever – they are sucking your time and life away.  When you start to focus your goals on your dreams, you become the beginner in an exciting journey that can change your life and make you realize you’re starting to be exactly where you need to be – on the right path to improve your life.

Think about your life right now.  Are you stuck in a rut or have you allowed yourself a new, uncomfortable, fantastic experience and started something new? You need newness in your life.  Get uncomfortable, it might be just what you need to organize your life.

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