Peaceful Preparation

When you are well-rested, you’ve prepared yourself for greater success, clearer thinking and an improved sense of well-being. Yes, getting enough sleep at night is helpful, but this is only part of rest. You need to plan time to focus on yourself. 

Rest in your own way.

I read an article once that helped me put things into perspective: Each person should be allowed to rest and recharge in their own way.  A spa may work for some, reading may be just what you need or a cleaning session may do you good.  You need to do what works for you and don’t worry about conforming to the standards of others.  When I’m stressed, I like to feel accomplished and cleaning and organizing really helps to make me feel more peaceful and calm my mind.

Watch the weather.

You will be much more focused if you know what the day will bring. Will it be a downpour, hot & humid or snowy? By checking the weather before you prepare for your day (or the night before), you enable yourself to dress appropriately and to plan your daily activities accordingly, helping you to achieve your daily goals without a cold, mad rush to try to make the most of it.



Pack a healthy snack.

Have you ever tried to think when you’re really hungry? It’s terrible and I can’t do it. I’ve also discovered my friendliness is directly related to my happy stomach. When I don’t have enough healthy food to eat, all I can think about is how hungry I am and I realize my day is shot. But, when I plan ahead and pack a healthy snack to keep with me, I can go productively and happily for hours. (Some children never have enough to eat, remember how fortunate you are and consider giving to charities that provide basic needs to children around you like Ozarks Food Harvest or Care to Learn).

Plan calm times.

Take in a short walk, a coffee break or a lunch date with a friend. No matter what you do, when you spend time doing things that you enjoy, it will calm you. You’ll need to schedule these calm times into your calendar. This will help you remember and equalize its priority with your other necessary tasks.

Give yourself enough time.

You need time to prepare for success. Make sure you have enough time and a written plan. It’s helpful to make a to do list or a timeline of tasks to ensure you’ve got the time, tools and resources to accomplish your task just as you’d like them to be completed.

Remind yourself.

Everyone needs a little extra help sometimes. Leave things a little undone to remind yourself of tasks at hand. A dirty dish on the counter will help you remember the dishwasher, a sock on the bed reminds you to do the laundry. When you help yourself to remember, it makes completing your tasks significantly easier.

Live in the moment.

Have you ever met someone who is continually saving everything for later? Don’t spend so much time preparing that you forget to live in the moment. Plan to live your life now, right now. Use your fancy dishes, wear you best suit, share those special keepsakes. When you make it a priority to celebrate each day, you understand the value of preparing for the big, the small and the immediate.


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