Do One Thing: Turn Your Insanity Into Different Results

This month I’m challenging you to do one thing every day. It doesn’t seem like much if you look at it on a daily basis, but a continued focus on doing one thing will lead to amazing results.

If you keep trying the same thing and it’s not working, you need to stop and figure out what is going on.  You can make a change to your schedule and your life by being realistic, making a plan and writing everything down.


Eliminate the time wasters and what doesn’t move you toward your goals. First you have to figure out where your time goes.  Try keeping a time log for a week so you can see what you’re actually doing – not what you think you’re doing.  If you’re trying to write a book and you see that you’re spending all of your time watching TV, the time log will help you realize and better prioritize your hours, your day and your life.  Be ruthless when you’re thinking about your goals, you need to focus on what really is best for you.


Organize, Schedule & Color Code Your Commitments. When you make a distinction in your activities, it makes it easier to see where and how you’re spending your time.  This calendar may seem a little crazy (this is just my work week – not my home commitments), but it works.  I have everything written down, color coded and organized. When I have a meeting or appointment, I just grab my materials and go.


Schedule tasks, not just meetings, into your calendar.  When I was in college and had tons of homework, projects and leadership responsibilities – I’d get stressed out thinking I didn’t have enough time.  I started making daily schedules with tasks included.  I’d plan out what I needed to do when and kept me focused on the task – not my stress.  It’s a practice I still use today.  When I have a lot to do, I schedule my tasks to make sure I devote enough time.

When you’re making positive changes, think about what you really enjoy and schedule time for fun and for yourself.  You’ll be much more productive in the “on” times if you also give yourself time off.

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