#JobBoost Be Your Own Talent Scout

Ever given someone advice that you know is spot on?  Me too, all of the time – I love sharing my opinion! But when it came to giving myself advice – I had to ask others for help.  Why? Because I usually can’t quite see what I need to do – even though the situation is usually pretty clear (to others). And that makes sense – it’s hard to think about what you need to do.  But you can help yourself find the job you want by being your own talent scout:


List all of the activities that you do easily. There are many things you do better than most people.  And that isn’t an accident – it’s what you’re best at doing.  Write 5-6 of these items down and think about them for a few days. I’ve found that I’m a great task-based communicator. A talent scout is going to think about how you might be able to use this information to speak to your successes in a job interview or on your resume.


List the activities that you can do endlessly.  If you could do anything you wanted for the rest of your life, how would you spend your days?  Move past the vacations and the binge TV and then start writing these items down.  I’ve noticed that when I really need to feel accomplished, I start to organize and make lists.  What can you do forever? Write down 5-6 of these items and think about them for a few days. Remember, a talent scout is thinking about how you spend your time and what that can mean for your future.


List the activities that make you the happiest. There are things you can do easily and things you could do endlessly, but what do you love the most? I love reading detective stories – I love the mystery that needs to be solved. When you are happiest, what are you doing? Write down 5-6 of these items and think about them for a few days. A talent scout is going to think about using your passions related to building your career.


Figure out where your lists overlap. Have you started to notice a theme in your three lists? That isn’t an accident – it’s much more.  It’s your calling, your next career move, your best step forward. Take the 2-4 things that overlap on your lists and make a new list – this is your talent scout list.  What you need to do here is think about how these interests relate to your skills and how they can be crafted into your dream job. A talent scout is going to give you an honest assessment of your passions, activities and your career interests by looking at the list of overlaps.

So what about me, can tasked-based communication, organization, lists and mystery-solving be a job? Yep, it’s a strategy-based job in a business that needs an overhaul – my delight.  What you want to do exists; keep focused on your goal.


Get solid advice. If you’re having trouble figuring out your next step, ask others to help you and go from there.  Sometimes, it’s easier to get advice from people you trust than it is for you figure the next steps. And your job in this? Really listen to what they’re saying.  You could use this advice to make your next job choices.  Be prepared to ask questions, you need to figure out your next course of action – and these questions can help guide your path.

Figuring out your next career move is easier than you think.  You just need time to think. When you’re focused on your next moves, you’ll be able to see what to do more clearly and make the right decisions – just like a Talent Scout would do for you.

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