#JobBoost Love Your Job Again

We’ve all been there.  You’re over it.  Over your job – over everything.  But good news! There’s hope – you can learn to love your job again.  Just a few simple changes can make your current job, whatever it is, more enjoyable for you.


Always be learning.  If you’ve got everything figured out for your current job – surprise, you’re probably in the wrong job.  When you’re learning something – setting new goals and seeking new challenges – you stay more interested and invested because you’re working toward something.  Join a committee, take time to figure out that thing you’ve been putting off or sign up for professional development classes.  Keep yourself interested in what you’re doing.


Integrate your passion into your job. When you’re passionate about something, you’re more excited about what you’re doing.  I love marketing, writing and graphic design.  I’ve noticed that no matter what job I have, I always infuse these elements into my job – and it’s more exciting when my job and my passions come together.  What do you love? How can you incorporate this into your current job?


Make your space somewhere you want to be.  When decorating my office, I always think, “I’m spending tons of time in this place – how can I make it somewhere I want to be.” I choose decorations, supplies and elements that make my office somewhere I enjoy being regularly.  Even if it’s a little sign to decorate your desk, add a few of your favorite things to your space.


Take a break.  You need to take a break every hour.  If you’re working on a frustrating project, put it down, forget about it and come back later – refreshed.  I took my trash can out of my office, have the printer in the main area, and keep a small water bottle at my desk.  This gives me three reasons to get up regularly and give me the mini-break I need.  Think about how you can guarantee yourself an hourly break: is it a quick drink of water in the backroom (my retail days) or is it getting up to pitch your trash in the main trash can (my current office).  When you make it easy for breaks, you’re more likely to take them – and this is just what you need.


Let it out.  There are always frustrating days, you have to be prepared to let them go.  I love to exercise – especially running – because by the end of my run, I’m too exhausted to be frustrated.  Maybe it’s talking to a friend or taking a bath.  Do what you need to do!  As my acupuncturist friend always reminds me, “Don’t hold it in, this gives you migraines as the negative energy rises to the top.” Talk about good advice! Since hearing her wise words, I’ve made it a point to get out the frustration immediately.


Focus on the positive. You already do some things really well and you know what could be improved.  Try to tackle one improvement project on a regular basis – to keep you challenged – but it’s healthy to also do the things you do well.  When you focus on the positive, you keep your attitude positive and this makes your work-day more effective and more enjoyable.

You may not have the job you want, but you can learn to love the job you have. 

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