A Positive Outlook

You can be more positive today. Right now.  By following these simple practices, you can begin to change your outlook to focus on the good things around you right now.

Have Fun.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you have the chance to make it fun and enjoy yourself.  Try making it a competition and beating your personal record or invite friends to participate and enjoy their company.  By choosing to enjoy the task at hand by making it fun, you set yourself up for a better time.

Focus on the Moment.

Even with mundane or repetitive tasks, you can boost your positivity by focusing on the moment.

Plan for a Great Day.

Sure, this won’t guarantee everything to go just as you wish, but it seems to boost the opportunity for you to have a great day if you plan for it.  I’ve noticed that I often get grumpy if I don’t have enough to eat, so I pack snacks to eat throughout the day.  And if I prep my workout clothes each day, then I have a much better chance of making it to the gym or a run, which always makes me feel better.  Think about what you want to accomplish and get your resources together in advance.

Be Unshakeable.

I’ve had a few pretty rotten experiences. And after I’ve come through it, I stop and think, “You know what, I’m still ok.” I’ve trained myself to be unshakeable.  I know there will be bad times, but I also know there will be good times.  Focus on who you are and what you’ve accomplished to help the bad times pass and you to come out better on the other side.


Surround yourself with positive things.

There is a reason I decorated my office with things I love, downloaded fun music for my workouts and visit the library regularly.  When I fill my life with things I love, it’s easier for me to have a positive attitude–and more importantly share my attitude with others.

Take time to rest.

I have days with meetings every minute at work, tasks non-stop at home and not a minute to myself.  I’ve found the only way I’m really able to rest, is if I make it a priority. I’ve begun to schedule in breaks during my day including lunch dates with friends and closing my door and rest times at home like weekend naps or Sunday afternoon movies. By incorporating rest into my schedule, it helps me to keep this important area as part of my life.  Think about how you can incorporate rest into your life, even if it’s only 15 minutes, it will still be worth it.

 Let it out, let it go.

Holding on to negative feelings will weigh you down, but if you’re able to release these frustrating moments through positive outlets–like speaking with friends or burning energy through exercise, you’re more likely to be able to release the negative thoughts permanently.  This will improve your outlook, enhance your mindset and boost your positivity.

Healthy Living Archive: March 2013


  1. […] We are always learning.  I continue to make mistakes and progress on a daily basis.  I’ve learned that we’ve got an important decision every day that can shape our moments and our lives.  It starts and ends with our attitude.  In the past few days, I’ve seen some really interesting examples of people choosing (what I think is) the wrong attitude in a situation that could bring them so much peace, togetherness and discovery.  You can choose your attitude and many times, it’s the easiest solution to choose the most positive outlook. […]

  2. […] 2. Your attitude makes all of the difference. You could say I’ve had a hard professional year, and you’d be right.  Lost 75% of my professional staff, had to cut important funding and had a metric ton of work piled on me.  But you could also say I’ve had the best professional year, and you’d be right. Being trusted enough for enormous responsibility, determined priorities and kept funding for things we really need, and supervise competent employees that make me excited to come to work each day.  It’s the same situation either way – I can either make the worst or make the best of the situation I have. I choose best. […]

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