#OrganizeYourLife Mindfulness Matters

Today, think about being present in the moment. You need to actively observe your life and what you are doing in it.  Today, it isn’t enough to just make it through the day, the week or the semester.  You need to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Once you become more mindful about your decisions, your attitude and your environment – you can begin to change your life – and live the meaningful, organized life you want.


Stop life on Auto-Pilot. You know when it happens, your days have flown by and you can’t remember what happened.  It happens to me too, more often than I’d like. A few years ago, I realized that I wasn’t enjoying my life, I was just surviving.  And then I realized, I had 24 hours each day that I could just make it through or I could purposefully invest in what I was doing. What a change! This mindset allowed me to focus on my decisions, invest in right-now and start to enjoy the moments I was living.


Being mindful makes you more effective. After I had my kids, I realized I was multi-tasking with the wrong things – I was trying to multi-task everything.  I made the decision to start focusing on the moment and I still follow this practice today.When I’m in an important conversation, I remove distractions that split my focus – turn off my phone, mute the TV, move away from my computer – allowing me to focus on the moment. Sure, I still multi-task, but I’m very careful in these decisions.

Life will come at you; choose how you respond. When you begin to live your life mindfully, you will begin to observe what you are doing, which will allow you to purposefully chose what you are doing.  When you make mindful decisions, you enjoy your life even more and begin to live a life that matters.

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