Do One Thing: Create Your Own Positive Reality

This month I’m challenging you to do one thing every day. It doesn’t seem like much if you look at it on a daily basis, but a continued focus on doing one thing will lead to amazing results.


Take a deep breath and count until you calm down. This is usually the opposite of what I want to do in any frustrating situation.  I want to let the other person have it good & immediately.  But I’ve noticed that when I wait until I calm down – usually after a deep breath, a walk or sleeping on it – I’m much more mature and graceful with my response and the result is much more constructive and helpful. It’s not usually worth it to give someone a piece of your mind. Instead focus on the positive outcome opportunity and let that direct your actions.


Change your focus. When you’re frustrated, don’t dwell on your anger, re-focus yourself to get positive accomplishments done and think about something else. Try to interpret the facts in a way that propels you toward your goal, not one that discourages you or holds you back.  It’s more constructive and it releases you from stewing in your frustration.


Learn from the past and move on. If you learn that your negative interpretation was right, deal with it immediately and move on. You may find out that the bad situation is as bad as you think.  Be brave enough to get out and move on.  You don’t need that negativity in your life.  Better to have an awkward moment for a while than to live in a time of frustration because you’re too worried about what may happen.

Remember, you lost nothing by having a positive outlook in the interim.  Do something you love and keep a good attitude.  You’ll be better for it.


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