Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone | Why It’s Good To Be A Little Bit Terrified

Here’s what I’ve realized about myself lately. I’m sitting in my comfort zone and I’m pretty comfy there.  Nice and comfortable. And in the zone.

It’s not working.  I need to make quite a few things better – but I’m a little bit terrified.  Terrified of getting started. Terrified of the time and work it’s going to take. Terrified of devoting time to something that may fail in an explosion of fiery demise. But I’m also terrified of everything staying exactly the same.

I’ve realized it’s time to make some needed changes – big and small – in my life.  Here’s how I’m going to get started (my skin is crawling thinking about all of these changes – who have I become?!).

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#JobBoost Love Your Job Again

We’ve all been there.  You’re over it.  Over your job – over everything.  But good news! There’s hope – you can learn to love your job again.  Just a few simple changes can make your current job, whatever it is, more enjoyable for you.


Always be learning.  If you’ve got everything figured out for your current job – surprise, you’re probably in the wrong job.  When you’re learning something – setting new goals and seeking new challenges – you stay more interested and invested because you’re working toward something.  Join a committee, take time to figure out that thing you’ve been putting off or sign up for professional development classes.  Keep yourself interested in what you’re doing.

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