My worst habits exposed! Learn from my mistakes!

Does it make my problems better if I can identify them? I know what I’m doing wrong, but I’m not ready to change.  Please learn from my mistakes and save yourself while you still have a chance!


Stop eating in front of the TV.  I love to lay on the couch or bed and eat while I’m watching TV. Love it.  Turns out that this mindless eating can contribute to you gaining weight and not even knowing it.  Save yourself! Be mindful about your eating.


Don’t obsess over things that don’t go your way. Guilty.  I turn that decision or situation over and over in my mind until it makes me batty.  To help me stop this bad habit, I’ve started writing down solutions or going running.  I need to clear my mind or focus on something else and both work well. Save yourself! Figure out how to calm yourself down and make that your go-to solution.


Only use your bed for sleeping.  I would live in my bed if I could; so toasty warm.  Confession: I’m in bed right now writing this.  I love my bed. The problem is, I’m training myself to make my bed a work and TV zone, neither of which are relaxing or restful – so now, when I need to sleep, it becomes a tad more difficult.  Save yourself! Find a space that you can devote to work and leisure – so your bed remains a sleeping zone only.


Calm it on down with your sugar intake.  Once I ate 5 donuts for breakfast.  I was bouncing off the walls, then sick, then had the major sugar crash.  I had to leave work early because I had never been so tired.  And on that day, I learned my lesson.  Sugar is delicious (not that lesson) and I needed to monitor my sugar intake (there’s the lesson!).  Now, I try to limit my sugar by only eating sweets at night and only in moderation.


Ignoring your body is dangerous.  I push myself to my physical limits and only slow down when forced because of sickness.  This is terrible.  I’ve been working on listening to my body and not feeling guilty for taking a sick day when I really need it.  It is unbelievably hard.  Save yourself! Listen to your body and do what is best to rest and recover.  You are at your best when you feel your best.

Learn from my mistakes and make your own healthy decisions.  You’ll be glad you did and you’ll be better for it.


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