The suggestions that changed my life

Ever wonder if what you say to others really matters? It does.  I’ve had complete strangers change my life by a simple suggestion at just the right moment.  Your words matter, they really do.  So if you’re wondering if you should speak up – I think you should.  You may have to say just what they need to hear.


The suggestion that transformed my health.  A few years ago, I was talking to a co-worker who taught spinning classes in her free time.  She’d just contracted with our company wellness program and was worried that people wouldn’t attend her class.  So one day she asked me if I’d do her a favor by attending one of her classes.  Because of her suggestion, I went to her spinning class.  I loved it.  I also tried other fitness classes and now attend many classes regularly.  What she didn’t know is I’d been on the fence about this decision for a while and she pushed me into my now healthy lifestyle. This suggestion mattered.


The suggestion that saved me $4000.  One day in the grocery store, as the cashier was ringing me up, she said, “Oh honey, you should be price matching all of these items, you’d save so much money!”  I purchased my items, thanked her and went home to do research.  I realized that price matching would be a realistic way to save money on groceries and started my plan that day.  To date, I’ve saved about $4600 on groceries and now have my shopping strategy down to a science.  This suggestion mattered.


The suggestion that landed me a new job. Recently, I was speaking to a colleague about how I felt I’d reached the end of my development in my job.  He said, “You should look for a job that challenges you.” And I thought, “Yes, I should!” Turns out, I found exactly what I needed and now love my new challenge, my new job and the potential of what it can become.  It was an offhand comment, but it was true.  And it was just what I needed to hear.  This suggestion mattered.

You know when the moment is right.  Don’t shut it down; let that suggestion have the power it deserves and share it with the person you know needs to hear it.  Your suggestion matters. 


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