Sick and Tired? How to make the most of your day

I had big plans yesterday.  Kids were out of school so we took a vacation day.  

But I woke up at 5am and quickly discovered I wasn’t going anywhere–too sick.  So I had to readjust my plans knowing my day would be drastically different than what I planned. I’m sure you’ve had this happen, you’re excited about something and realize it’s not going to be what you thought–you’re too sick, too tired or the situation has changed.  You can still make the most of your day–and take care of yourself–with this simple plan.


Sleep is not overrated.

I’m a morning person and usually up at sunrise (or earlier–best time to run).  But that wasn’t happening today.  When I woke up feeling under the weather, I knew I needed more rest.  So back to bed and was able to sleep until 10am. Much needed.  When you need sleep, you need sleep.  Listen to your body to make sure you’re getting enough sleep regularly and especially on days when you’re not feeling your best.


Waste time purposefully.

Those books you wanted to read but never had the time? A day like this one would be perfect for that. You’re getting something done and it’s enjoyable.  Maybe it’s ‘cleaning up’ your DVR by watching your favorite shows or  spending time ‘researching’ on Pinterest.  All worth it.


Eat recovery foods.

When I start to feel sick, I load up on Vitamin C through oranges and orange juice.  These help with fluids, they’re healthy and work like a charm to get the sickness to pass.  I’d also recommend soup and if it’s a major migraine  like mine was, Gatorade is a great natural way to reduce or eliminate them. Think about what works for you and always keep these items stocked, so when you need them, you have them.


Let others help you.  

We had a few errands to run and luckily my husband, Matt (our guest blogger for great financial advice) took both of our kids for all of the errands.  What did I do alone in our house? I took a much-needed nap (see #1).  You don’t have to do everything by yourself, when you let others help you it’s better everyone.


When you begin to feel better, don’t over do it.

You may recover quicker than you thought, but you’re not back to superhero status yet.  Take it easy.  Better to fully recover than to jump right back in and get sick or worn down again.  I woke up from my nap feeling normal, but knew I couldn’t complete my regular plans (besides our Family Day, I’d also planned to run 5 miles and considered double workout classes–not happening).  Instead, I put away safety pins, found my library supplies to return and organized my bathroom shelf to make use of pottery I’d purchased at a student-pottery sale.  I was slow, but excited about my new things and it made my small amount of productivity enjoyable.


Time with your family is always time well spent.

Our family loves Family Movie Night and our oldest son is just old enough to watch some great movies (Lord of the Rings, Superhero Movies and Jurassic Park).  Our tradition is make a blanket bed on the floor with lots of pillows, air popped popcorn and hot chocolate.  Always fun and totally worth my time.  When you focus on what is really important, you have more time than you think.


Tomorrow is a new day.

Yesterday when I didn’t feel well, I knew I didn’t need to worry.  I’ll have time to get everything done, because I knew I’d feel better soon.  And I was right.  I woke up today feeling great.  Have already run 5 miles and ready to complete my to do list originally planned for yesterday. You will have days that don’t live up to your expectations and you can let them defeat you or you can remember that this too shall pass.  Work with what you have to make the most of what you can do and you’ll be much happier and (eventually) healthier!


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