Do One Thing: The Truth Wins

This month I’m challenging you to do one thing every day. It doesn’t seem like much if you look at it on a daily basis, but a continued focus on doing one thing will lead to amazing results.


Be honest about your free time. You are not a better person because your schedule is more packed – be realistic with what you can do (learn from my mistakes).  When you have unscheduled time, you give yourself a chance to think and recharge.


Be realistic with your health.  If you don’t feel good, take care of yourself. Don’t power through whatever you’re going through. Make your health and well-being a priority.  Don’t let yourself get sick and then try to play catch-up; it’s not a healthy or productive way to live.


Be proud of your guilty pleasures. Don’t hide who you really are, that is what makes you unique and helps you connect with those around you. If you love trashy reality TV when you workout, be proud of it – part of what makes you who you are.


Be honest about your struggles.  Don’t play down or sugar coat what you’re going through, but share appropriately, people will appreciate honesty and will respond with more support and honest kick-in-the pants advice (if you need it) than you believe is possible.


Always tell the truth about your work history.  You’re better served to get the job on your own, real merits than to promise things that are made up.  Your experience is great and an employer needs just what you have.

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