Simple Tips to Tackle Your Task List


I love to organize and I want to make it easier for you to feel, stay and be organized.

Let’s talk a little bit about why you may feel disorganized.  So many people tell me that they feel like they can’t get started and they’re overwhelmed thinking of everything that needs to be done.  I can understand.  I’ve let a few things slide and getting them back to a functional level has taken more time, energy and mental focus that I believed it would need.  But there’s hope!

Simple tips when you’re trying to organize anything:

  • Plan your project at a time during the day when you can be the most alert.
  • Only think about what you need to accomplish for a small space or task.
  • Find a quiet place to begin your thinking process – if you don’t have a quiet place, ask for help.  My husband will watch our kids or I’ll plan my time before everyone is awake.

Here is what I do most mornings to keep my task list managed, realistic and organized. I encourage you to try these simple tips:

  1. Schedule time in your day to focus on your project.
  2. Have your note-taking supplies ready so you can jot down additional tasks to complete later.
  3. Find the items you’ve been saving related to your task and review them.
  4. Sort similar items into groups, lists or piles.
  5. Write down items you think need completed.  If the item seems large, break it down into 3-10 easy steps.
  6. Highlight or mark the items that you think you can get done today.
  7. Assign realistic due dates to other items and group similar due dates together.
  8. If you need help from others to accomplish your goals, send your messages now to describe the specific help you need.
  9. If you need to follow-up with others to accomplish your goal, send these messages now with a response requested/due date listed in the message.
  10. Save your task list in a place where you can reference it often and mark through items as they’re completed.

I spend about as much time writing lists and making plans as I do completing the tasks that need to be done.  This is important.  It takes time to figure out your process, plan a strategy that works and detail tasks needed to accomplish your action plan.  Spending time thinking and planning is essential – it’s not time wasted; it’s mental energy saved!  You’ll see the list above – how much was spent preparing for the project and marking small items off the list? By doing little bits of items regularly, you’re on track to accomplish your larger goal and it will seem much easier because you’re focused on the tiny items.

It may seem overwhelming to even know where to start – but I’ve seen what works.  Sometimes you’ll hear “Start with the biggest mess or task first” – no way.  I say, “Start with what you love most or use most” because this will have the most impact and should get you energized to get started, keep going and finish your project.

I encourage you to spend time this week – 15 minutes to one hour – organizing your tasks and planning your strategy.

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