Simple Tips to Tackle Your Task List


I love to organize and I want to make it easier for you to feel, stay and be organized.

Let’s talk a little bit about why you may feel disorganized.  So many people tell me that they feel like they can’t get started and they’re overwhelmed thinking of everything that needs to be done.  I can understand.  I’ve let a few things slide and getting them back to a functional level has taken more time, energy and mental focus that I believed it would need.  But there’s hope!

Simple tips when you’re trying to organize anything:

  • Plan your project at a time during the day when you can be the most alert.
  • Only think about what you need to accomplish for a small space or task.
  • Find a quiet place to begin your thinking process – if you don’t have a quiet place, ask for help.  My husband will watch our kids or I’ll plan my time before everyone is awake.

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Tackle the project you’ve been ignoring

I’ve got a mega task list of things I want to get done, but sometimes projects seem to slip away from me. The project I always seem to push to the side is now 3 years overdue! I decided to get it done this year and I’m proud to say I FINALLY made it happen.  It took a little planning and organizing, but once I got into my groove – it was easy (well, easier) to get everything done.

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