The Year You Improve Everything

You can change your life in a year. I’ve put this idea to the test many times and, as a result, accomplished many goals – If I can do it, I know you can too. It’s going to take work, but it’s worth it.  What do you want to accomplish?

Improve your health dramatically. 

A few years ago, a scary health screening showed my cholesterol was dangerously high.  I reviewed common causes and the only thing I could improve were my eating habits (which were already pretty good).  So I spent a year figuring out how to boost my health results.  I reduced a few favorites – sugar, eggs and peanut butter.  I added in a few new items – bulgur, brown rice and dry beans.  And after a year of steady dedication, my health screening showed that my cholesterol was back to a normal range.  If you have a health issue, consider small, daily changes that you can make to help improve your health.

 Learn to live with less.

I just helped my parents move this weekend and recently I helped my husband’s family clean out a storage unit.  Both projects reminded me that no one needs so much stuff.  Too much stuff clutters your mind, takes time to clean/sort, and costs tons of money.  Think about what you really need in your life – and be ruthless.  You don’t need so much stuff – I don’t need so much stuff – no one needs this much stuff.  I’ve been donating items regularly to keep our items down.  Try one thing in only when you take one thing out.  Don’t let your stuff rule your life.

Find the job of your dreams.

A year ago, I realized I was too comfortable in my job and needed a change.  I developed a plan to find a new job, and to figure out what I wanted to do.  I knew I needed a new challenge.  I talked to the right people, updated the right professional documents and started my search smartly.  I encourage you to think about finding the job that is right for you.  It could be an update to your current job, it could be a change of scenery or it could be something entirely new.

You can accomplish a year-long goal in small, significant steps. Start by building a solid foundation – your goal won’t happen overnight.  With the progress you make, think about how you can reward yourself – stars on a calendar, a hot bath, a new purchase – to encourage you to keep going to reach your goals.

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