Procrastination is winning

I’m having a tough time getting a few things done right now. It’s not that I don’t have enough time. It’s not that I don’t have enough energy. I just don’t want to do them.  One of them was writing this post on procrastination – maybe the definition of irony? I’ve been trying to figure out what is causing me, the never-procrastinate-anything person to procrastinate many, many things. Here’s what I’ve discovered, does this sound familiar?


Figure out why you’re waiting. When I start to put things off, I realize there must be something going on. Maybe I’m too tired, maybe my focus is shifting, maybe it’s something I shouldn’t be involved in at all.  Whatever the reason may be, when you identify it, you’re more likely to make smart decisions to overcome the root issue.

Cooking Quote by Julia Child

Does it matter if you even do it? I’ve seen items on my to do list that stay there for an extended period of time.  Then one day, I just marked some of these items off of the list without doing them. I realized it wouldn’t really matter if I did it or if the task didn’t get done. Think about what you have on your list.  Does it really need to happen?


Make it easy. Is the process complicated? This could be hindering your progress.  Make it as easy as possible. Easy isn’t lazy, easy is smart and efficient!


Use wasted minutes.  In the time I’ve been procrastinating, I’ve been working on things I really enjoy in my wasted/bonus minutes. Playing with my kids, reading books and getting into a new workout program.  Think about what you’re doing when you’re procrastinating – maybe this is what you should be doing with your life.

I’m trying to work through procrastination, and it’s slow, but it’s working.  I encourage you to keep up the good work. You’ll get through it and be better for it. #YouDeserveThis

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