Do One Thing: Stop Buying New Stuff (My 365 Experiment)

This month I’m challenging you to do one thing every day. It doesn’t seem like much if you look at it on a daily basis, but a continued focus on doing one thing will lead to amazing results.

Surprise! You don’t need new stuff.  I don’t either. We’ve both got more than we could ever use in both of our lifetimes.  Try something new this year. Make it a point not to buy anything new, try creative ideas to thrift, borrow or repurpose items to eliminate new stuff from your life.


Shop at thrift stores. I love shopping at thrift stores; I’ve done it for years.  But this year, I’ve made more of a focus to primarily shop at thrift stores.  If I can find a gently used item that I need, it saves me from buying the item new.  Sure there are lots of reasons to do this – the environment and my pocketbook – but my favorite is the search.  I love finding great deals and unique pieces.  And yes, much of my wardrobe is from a thrift store.  I love making it work.


Creatively use current items in your life.  You may have to repurpose items to suit your needs or borrow things from friends and family.  It’s worth it – you don’t need so much stuff.  Sharing with others or changing your perspective can make a big difference to reduce your need for new stuff and it should give you more time, reduce your stress and save you money.


Find a new hobby.  This year, in my effort to stop buying new stuff, I’ve taken up quite a few new hobbies.  A few years ago, I started running – and I’ve kept going and going.  This year, I also started making my own laundry detergent, dish detergent, febreze, hair clarifier. and I’ve been blogging to provide my opportunity document and share my experiments, advice and findings.  And you know what I don’t have time for anymore? Mindless shopping. Love it!

Overcoming your shopping addiction is easier than you think – it’s fun and freeing. You can do this.  Make it work.


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