Do One Thing: Reuse Everything For One Day

This month I’m challenging you to do one thing every day. It doesn’t seem like much if you look at it on a daily basis, but a continued focus on doing one thing will lead to amazing results.


Save yourself tons of time! Save your money! Try this for one day, to reuse everything at least once.  Make it a game and see how close you can get to your goal. Here are some things that we regularly re-use:

  • My water/drink cup.  I drink mostly water, but for any drink – I just use one cup per day.  I keep my used cup by the sink, so when I want more, I can just fill it up and don’t have to get another cup.  If it’s just water, that cup will get reused for almost a week.
  • My clothes, especially jeans. I re-wear everything until it’s stained, smells or seems like it could use a good wash.  This means my shirts, pants and jeans get worn again and again, saving me time and money on laundry.
  • Clean Pull-Ups. Yep, we re-use our pull-ups.  If the kid didn’t pee in them overnight, they go right back in the stash to use again.  Those things are expensive!
  • Leftovers. I seem to always just make a little too much with our evening meals, so I always pack the items up in lunch-sized portions and eat them throughout the week.  Saves me time because I can grab a healthy lunch and go.  And it doesn’t waste the leftover food.
  • Kids Snacks.  Have you ever given your kids a snack and they only eat half of it? I put those extras back in the bag and the drinks in the fridge.  Even if it’s just one chip, I don’t throw it away.  That is a good piece of food that is going to be eaten at some point.
  • Bath towels, sheets, pillowcases.  We wash these items once per week. Do you really need to do it more often?

Think about other items that you can reuse during your day.  The more you save, the more it adds up and over time you can really see a difference in your savings and your free time.

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