The Core Of What I Know

We have the power to make our lives how we want them to be.  It takes determination, focus and perseverance, but I know that the path to success is understanding the little things that make it possible.

Play to your strengths.

I’m driven, organized, and work best when I have tasks/reminders written down.  I know this and have managed my entire life through these successful practices. I never skipped a college class (undergrad or graduate), I always turned work in early, and I never waited until the last-minute. Keeping myself organized helps me lead a productive, low-stress lifestyle–now as much as back in college.


Major accomplishments are really all about the details.

In 2011, I became a runner.  I ran 486 miles and decided that in 2012, I’d run 1000 miles.  It took work and dedication, but I did it–1030 miles.  How did I do it? I didn’t run 1000 miles in one day.  I had a SMART Plan: Run 5 miles a day, four days a week no matter if it was sunny, hot, snowy, cold, rainy, dark–it’s all about dedication.

You have the time to get it done.

Set priorities and stick to them.  When you get distracted, you fall off-track.

Balance is essential. 

Everyone needs time to relax and have fun.  I spend tons of my time working, both in my professional life and personal projects.  But I know that I need time to relax.  And time for a good mystery, good books or a good conversation.

You can do this.

When people say “You can’t do this!” You have a chance to prove them right or prove them wrong. You can do this.

Decisions matter.

Learn the value of saying “No” and the power of saying Yes” and understand how to tell the difference.

Set goals that work for you. 

I have themed my years for a decade now, instead of making New Year’s Resolutions.  Last year was the first year I kept track of my goals success as part of my theme year project.  This year is the year of understanding and I’ve posted my annual goals on my blog.

I’m teaching CORE 103, a first-year life-skills class at Drury University, and post my weekly blog focused on the class content.


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