Flat stomach in 5 minutes a day

This year, I’m trying to make things as simple as possible. I want a great workout with great results and I want it fast.  I’ve made a goal to get one productive thing done each day and do 5 minutes of planks every day.  I just tested it for a month, and getting this 5 minute workout in every day was much easier than I thought.  You have 5 minutes, you can do this workout

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15 minute Magnificent Music Mix Master

We have 96 intervals of 15 minutes every day, meaning you have many opportunities to make a difference.  Each day this month, I’m giving you a 15-minute project idea. Pick your favorites to improve your day, yourself or your world. I promise you have time for this.

You’ve probably got tons of your favorite music on your Smart Phone or media player.  But do you find yourself getting bored with the selection of songs available? Since I workout 8 times a week, I’ve found an easy solution for you to make just the right music mix for your workout, event or activity.

Make a perfect playlist. I like to listen to music on shuffle, keeps an element of surprise in my workout.  But I’d noticed that my Smart Phone was rotating the same songs in my playlist regularly.  Boring!  So I changed the way I did my playlists and now I rarely hear the same song twice in a week. Here are some ideas for playlist organization:

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Workout Willpower

 Most people make New Year’s Resolutions to exercise more.  And usually in February – the make it or break it month – quitting workouts and fitness goals becomes the standard.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Your workouts can begin to improve their effectiveness, and likeliness to happen, with simple and meaningful changes.


Find a system that works for you.

I’ve found that I can run regularly on my own, but trying to develop and complete core exercises is difficult for me if I’m left to my own devices. So I signed up for my employer’s wellness classes. Now I’m able to attend an instructed class and manage my workout routines realistically.


Schedule time.

Putting your workout time in your schedule improves your chances to regularly complete your workout. You may have to be creative to make it work. In the summer, I get up an hour early four days a week to run. In the winter, I schedule three days a week to run after work and one weekend day. During my work day, I use my lunch hour to attend my workout class and eat a packed, healthy lunch at my desk after I’m finished. You have time in your schedule to make it happen, you just need to make it.

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