Simple Tips to Finesse Your Fitness Prep

I love to organize and I want to make it easier for you to feel, stay and be organized.

Let’s talk about your workout routine – No, I don’t mean your actual workout.  Let’s start with the routine of making sure you’re always ready to work out.  The easier you make it to get yourself prepared for your workout, the more likely you area to ALWAYS make it to your exercise spot.

Simple tips when you’re trying to organize anything:

  • Plan time in your schedule to set up your routine.
  • Find supplies that will work – you don’t always need to purchase new things.
  • Realize it’s going to take a little time to get used to your plan, but it will make your life easier (and healthier!)

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Do One Thing: Mentally Prepare to Lose Weight

This month I’m challenging you to do one thing every day. It doesn’t seem like much if you look at it on a daily basis, but a continued focus on doing one thing will lead to amazing results.


Donate any “fat clothes.” Keeping them just in case? Don’t. Donate all of them or get them altered to fit you now.  When you keep your fat clothes, you’re mentally accepting that it’s ok for you to be “fat.” When you don’t leave yourself a back-up, you’re more likely to make healthier choices and when your regular clothes don’t fit, you amp up your daily goals to get back to good.

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