Teach Yourself to be Assertive: Be Prepared & Aware of Opportunities to Share Your Voice

Your voice matters. We need to hear it.  

And even if it’s terrifying to present in front of superiors, share information in large groups or speak at all – you are better for it when you are assertive and speak your mind.  In fact, you safeguard yourself from tough situations by building the confidence to stand up for yourself. And when you look around at the opportunities you have in your life, and in your day, you’ll realize that you have many opportunities to practice this talent and make it a strength.


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The real lesson of Confidence – what I learned this year about total failure

I had a great idea for my theme this year. Confidence.  And what better way to celebrate this theme than to set challenging goals and crush them.  Except, failure alert.  I was crushed by many of my goals, and trying to achieve unrealistic goals made me lose much more than I thought.

year description pages 2015

I sacrificed my health, my personal time and my sanity to try to make everything work this year.  And it didn’t work.

What I learned in my year of confidence is that you build more confidence when things don’t go right and you learn how to work through it.  You learn to be unshakable. Here’s what I learned:

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Think Like A Risk-Taker

I read an article recently by Doug Sundhehim called “Taking Smart Risks” that really helped change my perspective.  I love the strategy of getting started, but I didn’t realize how purposeful this thought could be.  I’ve heard many people make the self-depreciating statements and with a simple switch in thought, they can be self-empowering statements.  I challenge you this week, think like a risk taker and see what changes. I bet you’ll be pleased.

The timing isn’t right ->The timing will never be perfect

The truth is, the timing will never be perfect to get started, to make change, to have everything you want.  But the people who make the most of their situation are the people who get started anyway.  Risk-takers get started anyway.  When you think like a risk-taker, you remember what you want to accomplish and realize that now is as good of time as any to get started.  Then you start making goals, making plans, making actions to achieve your accomplishments.  What do you want to start? Get started anyway.

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