Pinspiration | Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergent

This year, I’m learning to live with less in my 2014 Simplicity theme year.  That means finding innovative ways to save money so we can spend our money in the places we really need to (or want to). I saw this idea on Pinterest and just had to try it. Homemade sensitive skin laundry detergent! And the recipe is so simple – and best of all, it saves hundreds of dollars a year.


Pinspiration: Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergent. This easy, useful project can be completed in 15 minutes. And it helps save your sensitive skin, saves you money, and reduce your environmental impact (if you use liquid laundry detergent – you’re paying for them to transfer the liquid, water, to your store).  I’ve made this laundry detergent for my sister many times and have given it as gifts to families with small children.  This mild, hard-working detergent is fantastic, has no added perfumes, dyes or additives and is so easy to make – worth it!

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Tackle the project you’ve been ignoring

I’ve got a mega task list of things I want to get done, but sometimes projects seem to slip away from me. The project I always seem to push to the side is now 3 years overdue! I decided to get it done this year and I’m proud to say I FINALLY made it happen.  It took a little planning and organizing, but once I got into my groove – it was easy (well, easier) to get everything done.

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Stressed out? Me too: Bust Stress Right Now

It happens every year during this week, I get mega-stressed.   My husband is gone for a week-long work trip so I’m alone with the kids and my busy season begins next week so I need extra time at work. Because I know this stressful week reappears each year, I have to prepare to get things done, spend time with my kids and maintain a normal, positive attitude whether I feel like it or not.  Not always easy to balance everything when your insides are screaming, “You’re stressed out, act more stressed out! Aaagh!” Here’s what I do when I get stressed, like I am right now:

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