18 days of perspective – your big problems may indeed be small

I’ve worked the last 18 days in a row, I haven’t yet had a day off this month, I’ve missed important family events and I am tired.  I was ready to post it to the world on social media with the clever “Stick a fork in me. #ImDone” phrase, but then I stopped. When I pulled up a social media account, I noticed a friend had posted about her travels and being away from her family.  For 8 weeks.  And in that post, she mentioned how excited she was to be home, how much she missed her family and how thankful she was to have these experiences.

And then I remembered that my problems are small after all.  I’ve got a good job, I’ve got people who depend on me and I’m a necessary part of the world I’ve created.  Plus, I had to be alive for those 18 days anyway – might as well have been productive and working. It was just what I needed to see at the right moment.

Remember, keep your problems in perspective.

And really, when you think about it neither of us – me and my friend – have problems at all.  Sure, this may be a tiresome time for each of us, but we have happy, healthy families, we have jobs, we have a community that surrounds us.  And when I put it in perspective, I’m seeing areas to be thankful.  Think about what is going on in your life and don’t let the small problems trick you into thinking they are major ones – keep things in perspective.

It’s OK to take a break.

Sometimes you need to get out of your current situation to change your perspective. And that’s OK.  Think about ways that you can give yourself a break.  Is it as simple as a walk? Is it a few minutes to yourself? Is it watching trashy TV while you exercise in the gym? All things that are fine – if it gives you the break you need.  Remember, you are amazing, but everyone needs rest days.  Schedule yours into your calendar to make yourself more likely to have time for the breaks you need.

Get others involved.

You know what helps keep me focused? Sharing with others. Yes, I certainly like my alone time (ok, I love it).  But I’ve also realized when I talk about what is going on in my life and hear about what is going on with others, I begin to understand the larger world around me and think about how many other things there are in this world than my “problems” and it seems to help most times.  Find a place that you feel safe to share your life with others.  And make it a point to be engaged in the community around you.

You’ll have good days and you’ll have bad days, but as long as you keep having days, you have something to celebrate.  When you’re not at your best, take the time you need.  And when you have a chance to share with others, invest in the relationship to build and improve the world around you.


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