Live and love anyway: Lessons from the road-less-traveled guy

I’ve heard the story a thousand times. This is a meaningful day; a meaningful season. And finally this year, I’ve glimpsed into the reality that this thousand-times story unfolds.  It was hard season, heartbreaking and more than I could handle. But like every struggle, I’m seeing the lessons unfold before my eyes and it’s a sight to behold.


The weight of the world is on your shoulders; move forward anyway. Ever have one of those seasons in your life? You know things aren’t going to get better and you know you still have to keep going. I’ve really let life wear me down and I can feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. I’ve been troubled by the things I’ve seen and experienced.  I know the time for celebration is coming, but right now am wading through a murky mess.  As I’ve struggled, I’ve realized this is too much for me to handle on my own and I’ve begun to let it go, because it is simply too much to carry.

It's not whether you get knocked down

You’ll question everything you’ve ever believed in; believe anyway. There isn’t much that I haven’t questioned.  I’ve always needed to get there myself to really believe.  What if you put your beliefs to the test and they passed? Wouldn’t that make you feel so much more confident in what you know to be true? Do it.  You deserve to know the truth. The truth is strong enough to stand up to any questions, doubts or attacks.  The truth is pure and good.  It isn’t always easy to reach, but when you get there, it’s a beautiful place.


Others will let you down; love them anyway. I love to be alone because people take work.  And I’m tired. So tired.  Too many people have let me down. Thankfully, sometimes I see a glimpse that reminds me of the good in the world and I choose to set my mind on these moments. There’s this guy I know that unbelievably takes the road less traveled.  I think, “Punch them in the face!” and he forgives them.  I think, “Tell them how wrong they were!” and he gives them a grace-filled moment.  I’ve seen others let him down in moments of need, to his face, in his weakest times.  And he still loves them and he forgives them.  He reminds me that anything human is inherently flawed; and that helps me to understand the good that still exists in this world.


We’re all going to die; live anyway. What if you knew death was coming? Would you live differently? Would you make the decisions that scare you? I think I would.  And maybe that is the lesson for us all.  We’re all going to die, so we should spend our time living.  I had a great conversation with a friend recently and by the end I was in tears (and I am never emotional).  We talked about when we look back at our lives what really matters.  For years, I’ve been waking up before sunrise and can’t go back to sleep.  And a few weeks ago, I started holding my kids during these early mornings – and it’s now my favorite time of the day.  It turned something I dreaded into something I loved. I’ve seen it with road-less-traveled guy I know, too.  In his most terrible moments, he’s still thinking of others – I don’t know how this guy does it; but Wow! I’m impressed every time.


Some days seem hopeless; start again anyway. You’ve seen it happen.  All hope is certainly gone.  And then, something seems different.  The sorrow and certainty seem old and distant.  For some, it can come in the morning – a wash of new hope.  For others, it takes time – they have to see it to believe it.  I’m working on my new beginning. It isn’t easy, I’ve made little progress.  But I know that change takes time and I believe in a journey of grace. If you’re in the same place, know there is hope.  You may have to start again. It may be difficult.  But there is always hope.

There is a reason they say, “Joy comes in the morning.” Every day is a new chance; a new beginning.  Be brave and begin to live a life of celebration. You know what makes you come alive; and you were created to do just that – come alive.

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