The Dangerous CORE of a Single Story

I’m teaching CORE 103, a first-year life-skills class at Drury University, and post my weekly blog focused on the class content.

We don’t know each other, but I’ve already judged you. I’ve assumed we’re different because I can fit you into my neat little box that perfectly describes other’s I’ve met just like you. I’ve had many experiences with someone like you, some direct interaction because of people I’ve known and some information I know to be true because of the media. Many of my experiences were good and you’re lucky to have received this generalization; but many experiences were painful and I’m already frustrated with you, before we’ve even met. I don’t want the same terrible experience again, so I’m going to be cautions, because what I know is certainly true.

I’ve only given you a minute of thought, a single story and it’s what I’m using to define you.

But with each new discovery about you, an awakening occurs. I begin to realize that the more I know about you, the more you transform from a single story into a person. A person with boundless potential, with uniquely wonderful flaws and with an important perspective. I begin to realize that those categories, generalizations don’t define you–you are an individual.

It transforms my thinking about others too, I begin to see my world with a new perspective, a more realistic and honest perspective. I realized I’m always learning, growing and changing–and my mindset is no exception.

Even more, I’ve realized that we’re equal. You are valuable. You are certainly valuable. I’ve realized that we do share a story, a beautiful multi-layered story, called life.

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