18 thoughts of encouragement for 2018

File Jan 05, 4 00 52 PMA friend of mine shared thoughts recently that to build courage in others, we should be more focused on encouragement.  It was the right message at the right time for me.  Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, I theme my years (and I’ve been doing it since 2003), and focus on improving my life in a key area for the whole year.

I’d been struggling with what to have as my focus for 2018, too much on my mind and the thoughts running through my head, “Does anyone really need my help? What do I have to offer?”

And then I’m reminded that each of us has unique talents and gifts.  My strengths include organization and communication – and I love sharing what I’ve learned with you.  I know it’s helpful to be reminded what you do well and get tips for making improvements.

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Think Like A Risk-Taker

I read an article recently by Doug Sundhehim called “Taking Smart Risks” that really helped change my perspective.  I love the strategy of getting started, but I didn’t realize how purposeful this thought could be.  I’ve heard many people make the self-depreciating statements and with a simple switch in thought, they can be self-empowering statements.  I challenge you this week, think like a risk taker and see what changes. I bet you’ll be pleased.

The timing isn’t right ->The timing will never be perfect

The truth is, the timing will never be perfect to get started, to make change, to have everything you want.  But the people who make the most of their situation are the people who get started anyway.  Risk-takers get started anyway.  When you think like a risk-taker, you remember what you want to accomplish and realize that now is as good of time as any to get started.  Then you start making goals, making plans, making actions to achieve your accomplishments.  What do you want to start? Get started anyway.

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