The Power of Being New

I’ve been in a few situations lately where I’m the new person and I’m not sure what to do.  I’ve seen others avoid these situations because it’s often uncomfortable to be unsure of the next steps. I used to think that I was the same way, but I’ve realized that I do know what to do and I’m comfortable getting what I need – so if I’m new or I’m the expert, I’m making the best of the situation.

Even if you’re new, you can be more organized in managing this situation.  I encourage you to consider these strategies that have worked for me:

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#JobBoost The New Networking

Networking seems like an official or outdated term, but there is value in the concept – the connections you make today will make a big difference for what you’re trying to do later.  Think about how you can be a strategic networker and how you can build your connections with who you already know.


Don’t hope for the best.  When you keep your head down, work hard and hope someone notices the great things you’re doing – you’ll probably be disappointed.  While you’re working hard you should also be meeting the people around you (making connections), using your talents to help others (volunteer) and invest in the great things you’re doing (get involved). By being strategic with your connections now, you’ll realize it makes a significant impact later.

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