The easiest 1000 conversations you’ll ever have

As a parent, I’ve been secretly dreading having “the big conversation” with my kids.  I know they’re necessary, but what a load of responsibility! This big conversation would have to be perfect! And then I heard something a few weeks ago that changed my entire perspective.

It’s not one conversation, but many, that will really make the difference. And I realized I’d already been doing this all along.  I encourage you to consider these organized strategies that have worked for me:

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Stressed out? Me too: Bust Stress Right Now

It happens every year during this week, I get mega-stressed.   My husband is gone for a week-long work trip so I’m alone with the kids and my busy season begins next week so I need extra time at work. Because I know this stressful week reappears each year, I have to prepare to get things done, spend time with my kids and maintain a normal, positive attitude whether I feel like it or not.  Not always easy to balance everything when your insides are screaming, “You’re stressed out, act more stressed out! Aaagh!” Here’s what I do when I get stressed, like I am right now:

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