The Power of Being New

I’ve been in a few situations lately where I’m the new person and I’m not sure what to do.  I’ve seen others avoid these situations because it’s often uncomfortable to be unsure of the next steps. I used to think that I was the same way, but I’ve realized that I do know what to do and I’m comfortable getting what I need – so if I’m new or I’m the expert, I’m making the best of the situation.

Even if you’re new, you can be more organized in managing this situation.  I encourage you to consider these strategies that have worked for me:

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15 minute Attitude Adjustment

We have 96 intervals of 15 minutes every day, meaning you have many opportunities to make a difference.  Each day this month, I’m giving you a 15-minute project idea. Pick your favorites to improve your day, yourself or your world. I promise you have time for this.

We are always learning.  I continue to make mistakes and progress on a daily basis.  I’ve learned that we’ve got an important decision every day that can shape our moments and our lives.  It starts and ends with our attitude.  In the past few days, I’ve seen some really interesting examples of people choosing (what I think is) the wrong attitude in a situation that could bring them so much peace, togetherness and discovery.  You can choose your attitude and many times, it’s the easiest solution to choose the most positive outlook.

Most of these suggestions would take less than 15 minutes–usually just a moment, but an important moment–to make a real, lasting change. 

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