Why sticking to your budget will ultimately make you a better person

I’m the spender in our family. And recently, I was reminded in full force how easily your well-planned budget can slip right through your fingers.  I had that option many times and I resisted every single time.


Yes, I love to spend money! But, I realize that spending money now means that we’ll have less later and I refuse to dip into next month’s budget for what I want right now.  So I decided to take the more prudent road and realized that each day I didn’t mindlessly spend on things I didn’t need, it strengthened my resolve to practice financial stewardship again and again. I know it isn’t easy and, honestly, I’m glad it’s a new month and our budget has started over.  I was reminded of some pretty important lessons that I’m ready to share with you.

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$700 grocery bill savings, you can do it too

It’s been two months of my 2013 financial/grocery goals and I’ve already saved $347 with price matching and reduced our family grocery spending by $700.  I’ve cut my monthly grocery spending by 50%, so exciting!  How are you doing?

You can have the same success, just follow these three simple strategies:

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