Simple Tips to Remember Everything


I love to organize and I want to make it easier for you to feel, stay and be organized.

I’m ready to share my secrets of how I remember to do everything.  And how I usually get everything done in record time with personal, detailed follow-up.  It’s not rocket-science, it’s literally one simple tip: I write it down.  This strategy will revolutionize your tasks, make you more accomplished and remove so much stress from your mind – it will change your life.  I’m going to share my best ideas with you for how I make this happen in any instance to ensure I get the job done.

Simple tips when you’re trying to organize anything:

  • Use the strategy that works best for you.
  • Be clear with what you write down – you need to understand it when you reference it again – even if it’s hours, days or weeks later.
  • Have a start-to-finish system to turn your task from an idea to a completed success.

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Don’t Wait for Perfect – Live An Organized Life Today

I have entered a season in my life where my time seems to evaporate exponentially.  What I need to get done continues to pile up and I’m lucky to have time and focus to write down my tasks.  My house is piling up with projects and my work life is just as busy.  

I recently realized something, though.  I’m making many things harder than they need to be.  I’m thinking about the giant task that needs to be completed – expecting perfection and overthinking everything.  It’s not working. So I changed my perspective to an organized solution and started working on the easiest things first.  Sure, I felt like I was cheating, but I began making significant progress on my items and it made me feel better about the other things I needed to do.

You can live a more organized life, I encourage you to consider these strategies that have worked for me:

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Lists to save your sanity

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the large amounts of tasks you have to do on a regular basis. And trying to keep everything straight, find time to do it and get it done right can be a trifecta of impossible challenges. But there is hope! By using lists to keep yourself organized, you’ll be much more productive, less stressed and save yourself time in the long run.


Basic/Daily To-Do List

This list is a basic list of everything you need to do for the day or near future. I have two of these lists: one at home and one at work. Both contain necessary tasks related to my work-life or my home-life (neither contain overlapping tasks). Anything I need to do gets written down on the list and as I complete items, I mark through them so I know when I’m completed. There are many times that I’ll write down to do’s in steps instead of listing the main project. More items to mark off and helps me keep my steps organized. Instead of “Plan event” I will traditionally list “Buy food, send invitations, set-up area, clean-up area, confirm photography. By listing each section, I know exactly what needs to get done and I can make a more detailed to do list for the necessary areas.

Tip! Keep Essential Tasks easy to see. Around this time of year, my Daily To-Do list can become 3-5 pages long. I put a “*” in front of all of the tasks I must get done immediately, so I know what to focus on. I also list due dates on upcoming tasks to ensure I get tasks done on time.

Bonus! Write down extended/major to do items on your Project Task List. This keeps your Daily To-Do List active and makes it easier to see your accomplishments. The Project Task List can include items like SparkBooks or scrapbooks, photo/video transfer & organization, organizing kids clothes, home repair, etc.

Trifecta! If necessary, write your Cleaning Task List separate from your Daily To Do list. This is usually my Saturday morning list. I make a list of the things to clean in the house and everyone picks what they’ll be doing that day. When our family works together, it makes the cleaning much quicker and easier! In the past (for work), I had a detailed list of what needed to be cleaned and how often. This was great for keeping our business to standards, but I’ve found at home, it’s much easier to see what needs to be done and make an as-needed list.

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