Revolutionize What You’re Eating Right Now| 100 days of real food

Here’s what I’ve learned about healthy eating:   You can always do just a little bit better.

What I noticed about my family’s healthy eating – we were slacking.  We’ve gotten pretty busy with our jobs, our activities and our hobbies.  By the time we’d get home each night, we were exhausted and wanted something easy and fast.  That didn’t always mean it was healthy. So in our minds, we were still healthy eaters, but in reality, we’d really taken a turn for the worse.  Time to get back on track.


I’m very good at reading labels and looking through ingredients, but I’ve been reading two books that really changed my perspective on the food we’d been eating: In Defense Of Food and 100 Days of Real Food (although, I read the 100 days of real food blog first – I’m now reading the book).  Stop looking at the nutrients in food – many of these have been processed back in.  Look at the ingredient list and go for the real food with real ingredients.  Changing my focus back to the food I was eating instead of the nutrients in the food really shifted my perspective.  I read 200 blog posts in two days – I finally felt energized again with what I was eating and I knew that our family could make these changes too.

Our family is spending the next 100 days moving back to real food – and we’re pretty excited about it.  Here’s what we’ve learned in our first few days:

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