2015 Theme Year – Confidence

year description pages 2015

2015 Goal: Accomplish tasks that build confidence and push my limits of comfort.

Small Goals: These should be the easiest to accomplish, I’ll need to set up systems to achieve them.

  • Birthdays – Send birthday cards to friends and family (on time this year)
  • Appreciation – Send thank you cards within two weeks of receiving the gift
  • Volunteer – Maintain committed volunteer status
  • Healthy Eating – Eat 4 fruit/veggie servings per day

Medium Goals: These goals will take work to accomplish, I’ll have to make time to get them completed.

  • Social Media Posts – Post 3 days per week to andreabcreative sites. Blend of Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Pending Task List – Accomplish 3 things per week to significantly reduce my ongoing, saved tasks
  • Teaching – Teach one leadership class at my University per year.
  • Exercise – Complete a 10 minute daily core workout

Big Goals: These goals will take serious investment to accomplish, I’ll have to commit significant focus and dedication to achieve these goals.

  • Exercise – Complete 1200 miles this year; 100 miles each month
    • Bonus Goal: At least 75% of the 100 miles each month is running
    • Bonus Goal: Run second 1/2 marathon by November)
  • Writing – Have one article published each month (National Magazine, Website, Newsletters)
  • Savings – Spend less than $425 per month on family groceries, push sales and discounts

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